The department criteria for commitment to learning awards have been revised and posted below. The criteria for exemplary students in each department area will be used to determine awards for the 2018-2019 school year.

Undergrad Awards at W.C. Miller are given in the following catagories:

    • Citizenship - nominations come from teachers; this award category is intended to honour students whose contribution to W.C.Miller makes our school a better place through their care and consideration for others.

    • Honour Roll recognition is given to any student who maintains an average of 80% in their courses. The names of these students will be printed in the program and will also be posted on our website.

    • Honour Roll with Distinction recognition is given to students who earn an overall average of 90% or higher in their courses. Students who achieve this level of excellence will receive a certificate.

    • Commitment to Learning Certificate - Teachers use department criteria to nominate exemplary students in their subjects area. Each department determines which names to put forward an award. Students can earn nominations in one of eight department areas; students will receive a certificate from the nominating department. The eight department areas include: English, Fine Arts, Humanities, Math, Physical Education, Practical Arts, Science, and World Languages.

    • Commitment to Learning Medal - students who receive three or more department nominations will receive a medal of excellence for their achievement.


    Click the links below to view criteria for each award:



    Fine Arts.pdf



    Physical Education.pdf

    Practical Arts.pdf


    World Languages.pdf

    Award Winners

    2017-18 Undergrad awards - final.pdf

    Honor Roll