Jan 20-24

Monday - 
$5.00 Main: Veggie Lasagna with Salad & Garlic toast
$2.00 Soup: Chicken Gumbo, Somma Borscht
$4.00 Full Salad: Crispy Chicken Caesar 
$2.00 Grab and Go Sandwich: Cheese & Bacon Panini

$5.00 Main: Chicken Parmesan with Rice and a Vegetable Medley
$2.00 Soup: French Onion, Curry Chicken
$2.00 Grab and Go Salad: Chef’s with Ranch
$4.00 Gourmet Sandwich:  Southwest Braised Beef

World Wednesday 
$5.00 Main: BBQ Ribs with Baked Mashed Potato and Corn
$2.00 Soup: Thai Chicken

$4.00 Gourmet Salad: Chicken Pasta Florentine
$2.00 Grab and Go Sandwich: Breakfast Sandwich

Thursday - Last day of service
$5.00 Main: Poutine Bar
$2.00 Soup:
 Mac & Cheese
$2.00 Grab and Go Salad: Bacon Mozza Caesar
$4.00 Gourmet Sandwich: Pizza Hoagie

$5.00 Main
$2.00 Soup: 
$2.00 Gourmet Salad: 
$2.00 Grab and Go Sandwich: 


* Menu items subject to change without notice- thanks!​