Miller News

September 25,  2020

  1. Canada's 17th Prime Minister, the Right Honourable John Napier Wyndham Turner passed away on September 19th.  As per flag protocol, the Canadian flag will be flown at half-mast until his funeral on October 6th.

  2. Could the following Grade 11 & 12 students come see Ms. Thiessen in Room 207 at the beginning of period 3 (the beginning of your lunch hour) some time this week: Jeremy Barker-Gibson, Elijah Bergen, Tyrick Blackhawk, Brooklyn Bueckert, Xander Buhr, Logan Fehr, Atley Giesbrecht, Hudson Giesbrecht, Ahmad Hamam, Braden Hiebert, Yameen Kamanzi, Jarett Klassen, Griffin Krahn, Quinten Meyer-Read, Nether Mhango, Ethan Pappel, Ravin Penner, AJ Peralta, Alex Sawatzky, Shawn Thomas

  3. Grade 12 students - if you are planning to attend a post-secondary school next year check out the Guidance page on the Miller website for scholarship, award and bursary information and applications. It's never too early... opportunities pop up throughout the school year so check back often!

  4. Schedule for Sept 28 - Oct 2: Monday-Green, Tuesday-Gold, Wednesday- Green, Thursday-Gold, Friday- Green