Miller News

November 24,  2020

  1. Change to School Calendar: There will be no classes for students on Friday December 4th and Monday December 7th in Border Land School Division. Because each colour group misses one day, it will not impact our colour attendance schedule. 
    Exam Schedule Change: There will not be a formal exam week at the end of Semester 1.  Classes will continue with the Green and Gold groups alternating for on-site learning up to and including Thursday February 4th.  Friday February 5th is designated as a remote learning day for students who require additional time to complete Semester 1 course work - no students will be onsite.  Summative assessments/exams may still occur in regularly scheduled classes. The direction for these assessments will be given out to each class by each of their classroom teachers. 
    Semester 2 Start Up: Second semester classes are scheduled to begin Monday February 8th.  Additional communication will be sent out in advance of semester change with information on schedules and groups.

  2. The Gardens on 10th is organizing a greeting card/letter campaign to give to the seniors who will be on their own over the holiday season. If you would like to write them a message or make a greeting card for one of the residents, please drop it off to the office or the art room before December 11th. 

  3. Some Miller band students are running a school-wide clothing drive for our school from November 23rd to December 11th. For these 3 weeks, there will be bins at each grade's entrance door to collect any clothes you would like to donate. See the posters around the school for additional information. Let's all work together to help those less fortunate have a warm and happy winter season!

  4. The Town of Altona is reminding residents to stay off the Nature Pond ice until further notice as it is not safe. Announcements will be posted when it is safe to do so.