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School Procedures:

Letter home - March 24 Post Spring Break Changes

Winter Weather Reminders - December 7
  • Students should arrive at school as close to the bell as possible.  Upon arrival students are expected to report to their first period classroom.  Students with spares or vocational classes can wait in the cafeteria.
  • Winter gear can be hung on the hooks in the cafeteria or main hallway.
  • We are seeing an increase in students staying for lunch.  The cafeteria is our primary eating space.  Students are expected to check for seating there first and if it is full, the cafeteria supervisor will direct students to available classroom spaces.
  • Students may stay in classrooms until 3:40pm. Those with spares or vocational programing can wait in the cafeteria. Once students choose to leave their classroom they are expected to exit the building.

Change to the End of Semester 1 - communicated November 24

  • The schedule for the end of semester 1 has changed.  There will be no designated exam period and regular semester one classes will run until Thursday February 3rd
  • Friday February 4th will be used for students who have outstanding work who at risk of failing courses.  Teachers will let individual students know if attendance on the 4th is required.    
  • End of semester assessments/activities will occur in regularly scheduled classes.  All exam type activities will be organized so that students are not writing multiple exams on the same day.  A schedule of in class exams will be created and shared prior to the winter break.
  • If you have questions about the semester end assessment in a particular course, please contact your teacher.
  • Second semester classes will begin on Monday February 7th.

Indoor Sports Spectators - communicated October 14

Aces Hockey Game Spectators: Community Facility, Ticketed Event

  • Spectators allowed by Public Health Orders at this time.
  • We must follow MEC Arena Protocols for home games along with the facility rules in each community we visit for away games.
  • Points to keep in mind
    • Proof of vaccination is required to enter the MEC facility for everyone 12 years old and up. MEC employees will check vaccination status for people entering the building.
    • Ineligible youth (children up to 11 years old) will be able to enter the facility with a fully vaccinated adult or guardian.
    • All spectators and participants are required to wear masks upon entry into the MEC facility. At this time, masks are not mandatory for individuals age 5 and under.

Volleyball Spectators: School Facility

  • Spectators are not allowed at this time based on BLSD policy regarding current Public Health Orders.
  • Home games will be streamed.
  • Streaming of away games will be based on each school’s policies.
  • Home games may be viewed through our school’s website: Live Streaming - W.C. Miller Collegiate (

End of Day Information - updated October 13

Our dismissal bell to end the day rings at 3:25pm.  Students who can head home immediately should do so.  Students who need to wait for a late bus can choose to wait in the classroom until 3:40pm. Once students leave the classroom, the expectation is that they exit the building.  

Lunch Information - updated October 12

Students are encouraged to leave the school over the lunch hour.  Heading home or eating outside offers the opportunity for a mask break.  

Students should return to school as close to the bell as possible as early reentry to classrooms is not possible due to classes taking place in period 3 and 4.  The bell to start period 4 is at 12:10pm and the bell to start period 5 is at 1:15pm.

Students who stay for lunch must report to the cafeteria.  If the cafeteria is full, additional classroom spaces with distanced seating will be opened for use. Please check in with the cafeteria supervisor.

Students who leave for lunch can reenter the building during the first part of the lunch hour if space permits in the cafeteria or library.  During inclement weather, additional seating will be provided in alternate spaces.

Reentry will be restricted during the last part of each lunch hour with no entry aside from emergencies after 11:50am in period 3 and after 12:55 in period 4.

The front doors will be opened for reentry 5 minutes before the bell for students to reenter and move to classrooms (12:05pm and 1:10pm).

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Border Land School Division

Border Land School Division acknowledges that the communities and schools located within Border Land School Division sit on Treaty 1 and Treaty 3 land, the original lands of the Anishinaabe peoples and on the homeland of the Métis Nation.

Border Land School Division respects the treaties that were made on these treaty areas and we dedicate ourselves to moving forward in partnership with our Indigenous communities in a spirit of truth, reconciliation and collaboration.