Miller News

January 20,  2021

  1. Information for Semester Two

    We will continue with a 6 period day with 2 lunch hours for semester 2.  The lunch hours will be designated by grade level in the same way they were in semester 1.

    Colour Groups: 
    Students will attend classes on alternating days based on the colour group they are assigned.  While we will continue with green and gold groups, some students will be shifted to different groups in order to balance second semester class sizes and to ensure appropriate distancing can be maintained in classrooms. The decision to shift a student to a different colour group will be based on individual student schedules and how the move impacts each of their class sizes.  Notice will be given to students who are changing groups between Feb 1-3.

    Choir Classes: 
    In an effort to sustain our music programs, we will continue to offer a music credit for the scheduled choir classes in Semester 2. The classes will follow provincial health orders and the divisional policies related to their implementation. At this point, these orders and policies do not allow students to sing, but we will adjust as allowed based on any updates to the provincial public health orders. Students will receive a 10S, 20S, 30S or 40S level music credit based on their grade level which will be able to be used for graduation requirements and university/college application. Here is a description of the Junior and Senior courses: The music course being offered to choir students will take a multi-faceted look at music of all kinds - vocal and instrumental - in a variety of genres and contexts.  The class will explore what it means to be a musician and learn about the nature of music, including the genesis of ideas, the process of creation, and performance.  Students will experience different forms of music-making. This may include singing, if and when it is allowed, but they will also explore other creative means of using bodies and instruments to make music in interesting ways through new techniques for creating sound and rhythm. Students will have an opportunity to explore their own musical interests and passions as well throughout the course.  Curiosity is encouraged as the groups interacts with this big world of music!

    Course Changes: 
    We have needed to plan our classes and student schedules based on the courses student’s listed on their course request forms. Our classroom planning requires students to maintain the schedule created for them to start the school year as much as possible because we don’t have the flexibility to change class sizes in the ways we have in the past. We may be able to make changes based on student’s graduation plans, but switching classes will be difficult.

    If any of our Grade 11 and 12 students are in a situation where they need a schedule change based on changes to their graduation plans, we ask that student to make an appointment to meet with Ms Tonna in person or through Teams by January 21.   She will complete a credit check, explore the course change being requested, and review the rationale for the course change request.  She will then provide a course change request form that requires a parent signature (unless the student is over 18 years of age) to continue the process.
     Completed forms should be returned to the office by January 22.
    Administration will review the submitted forms after the deadline to determine what changes can be made and will then follow up with each individual student

    We do not anticipate the need for schedule changes for our Grade 9 and 10 students unless students are not successful in completing first semester courses.  If there is a unique situation that might result in the need for a schedule change, we ask parents to please make us aware by email at  before January 21.

    Our class sizes are fixed based on the space we have available in classrooms.  While we will do our best to meet student needs for specific programs/courses, scheduling this year is extremely challenging and we need to be up front with everyone that schedule changes cannot be guaranteed.

  2. Attention Grads: 
    The guidance page on the W.C. Miller website has been updated with new information. Since we won't be able to visit the post-secondary schools for an open house event, most are hosting an online evening event. Information is being posted on the post-secondary area of the guidance page - check back regularly.

  3. Due to Covid-19 and travel restrictions, the MSF Queen Pageant Committee would like to know if you would still be interested in a revised MSF Queen Pageant.  That would mean there would be no promise of a trip to Australia, nor participating in community events. We would still attempt the fashion show and speeches (if restrictions allow us to). Contestants must be 18 years of age before December 31, 2021 to participate. If you are interested email Adina at or stop by the office by Feb 5 to sign up.