Aces Curling

Please note that there was a mistake on the dates and location of provincials on the letter sent out with students the information has been corrected in the provincials section below.

Practice Updates

Season Information

Coaches: Derek Wahl (coach & manager) & Harold Sawatzky (community coach)

Games Bonspiels

There is no scheduled league play. Coaches will try to set up exhibition games based on athlete, coach, and facility availability and listed in this area.

Practice Times

Practices will typcially take place Monday and Friday mornings from 7:15 am – 8:30 am. Practices may be rescheduled based on coach and school schedules with updates made in Miller News, parent & student email, and in person (when possible). Transportation is not provided for practices; if this is an issue please contact Derek Wahl.

Facility & Equipment Use

Please note that all curlers under the age of 18 are required to sign an Altona Curling Club waiver form before they can participate in practices. The waiver form is attached and may be returned with the permission form. Team members must come to the rink with a separate pair of clean shoes. It is recommended that team members bring their own equipment (brooms, sliders, etc), but this equipment is also available at the rink for students to borrow.


Curling fees will vary by athlete. All curlers will be expected to purchase an associate curling club membership fee of $50 which will be coordinated through the school. The membership takes care of practice fees and provides students with the ability to sub in A.C.C. league play. Individuals who are already signed up to curl in an A.C.C. league (junior, Men's, or Women's) will not be charged this fee.

Individual curlers may purchase a school curling jacket. The jackets are required if a team makes it to provincials, at which point the school would reimburse/pay for half of the jacket cost. Please see Derek Wahl for more information and current pricing.

The final, standard fee will be based on the bonspiel registration fees and exhibition games played. Estimated basic costs will be around $30 plus possible membership and jacket fees. The school division will cover all registration, transportation, or accommodation costs for Provincials. The final, individual fee amount will be given out once all of the costs have been determined and the amount will be charged to the student's school account.

Qualifying for Provincials

Teams need to win their Zone Championship to qualify for Provincials. Teams may also apply for a wildcard game (only if team makes Semifinals or higher in Zone) if one is available. This wildcard game is played at a neutral site and the winner of that game also qualifies for Provincials. Provincials this year will be held in Somerset from Feb 21-23, 2019.

All registered curlers are expected to be available for the zone and provincial bonspiels. Individuals who have possible conflicts should discuss these with Derek Wahl prior to the start of the season or as soon as the possibility of a conflict arises. Failure to attend may result in a team's disqualification and a fine for the school.


In an effort to ensure staff travel and to build team cohesion, we ask that competing athletes travel with the school teams for all games. If a student needs to go with a parent to the game, prior notice should be given to Derek Wahl by the parent. Any student leaving an event with their parents, must inform Derek Wahl prior to their departure. Students are not allowed to drive each other to any event as per school division policy.

Missed Class Time

Students are expected to communicate their sport related absences to each of their classroom teachers prior to their absence. They must make arrangements with each teacher regarding how they will make up missed classwork.

Contact Information

Please contact Derek Wahl if you have any questions:

(204) 324-6416 ext. 2007