Badminton Team(s)

Coaches: Nancy Neufeld


Varsity Tournaments
Monday, March 23rd @ WC Miller/ MCI (MCI Athletes Depart 3:30)
Wednesday, March 25th @ GVC (Depart: 3:15 PM)
Wednesday, April 15th @ NPC (Depart: 3:25 PM)
Thursday, April 16th @ Carman (Depart: 3:30 PM)
Regionals: Monday, April 20th @ NPC (Depart: 12:10 PM)
Finals: Wednesday, April 22nd @ MCI

JV Tournaments
Wednesday, March 25th @ Carman (Depart: 3:30 PM)
Thursday, March 26th @ GVC (Depart: 3:15 PM)
Wednesday, April 8th @ NPC (Depart: 3:25 PM)
Thursday, April 9th @ Carman (Depart: 3:30 PM)
Regionals: Monday, April 20th @ GVC (Depart: 12:10 PM)
Finals: Wednesday, April 22nd @ WC Miller

Practice Times

Varsity Practices- Monday and Wednesday Morning (7:00-8:30 AM)

JV Practices- Tuesday Afternoon (3:30-5:00 PM) and Thursday Morning (7:00-8:30 AM)


The cost per athlete this year is $20.00. That covers the cost of the tournaments.

Athletes will be charged according to the number of tournaments they attend. Costs may vary per individual based on tournament costs. The school division will cover all registration, transportation, or accommodation costs for Provincials if travel requires it.

Qualifying for Provincials

Teams need to place within the top 2 at the Zone Finals to qualify for Provincials. The other way would be through a wild card placement, that would need to be submitted by a coach, and looks at the teams entire record over the year. Provincials this year will be held in Steinbach (April 30th- May 2nd).


Competing athletes are expected to arrive and depart with the school team, not in their own vehicles. Students driving each other is NOT ALLOWED (Division Policy). Any student leaving an event with their parents, must inform their coach/ or school teacher chaperone prior to their departure.

Missed Class Time

Students are expected to communicate their sport related absences to each of their classroom teachers. They must make arrangements with each teacher regarding how they will make up missed classwork. Coaches or the Athletic Director will email teachers, the team list of what athletes to expect to be excused during their class.